A Herbie comic for you to enjoy


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  1. Vanwall says:

    Yay! Herbie Popnecker and his plunger hat! I loved the cover with Elizabeth Taylor (!!) as Cleopatra. One of the best comic series ever.

  2. your neighborhood librarian says:

    Didn’t Chris Ware or someone resurrect Herbie a few years back? Maybe as a last-page mini-feature?

    Wikipedia mentions an early-90′s Dark Horse version, but I am fairly certain I am remembering something more post-modern.

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    Cripes, that was seriously strange!

  4. kip w says:

    Thanks so much! Herbie’s an all-time favorite, and Professor Flipdome was one of the few recurring characters apart from Herbie’s immediate family.

    Interesting thing about his secret identity: the only reason he wore a superhero costume seems to have been to keep the truth from his parents, who were not quite smart enough to figure out what almost everybody else in the world (and in all of time) know already — that Herbie rules.

    I still have the first Herbie comic I ever bought… though not the cover. Heh. Issue number two. It was twelve cents well spent, and it hooked me.

  5. Registrado says:

    Herbie, the Fat Fury

    Misread that as “Herbie, the Fat Furry.” I guess that’d be a completely different sort of comic…

  6. OM says:

    …Ah, Herbie. AKA “The Adventures of Tom Galloway when he was a Boy Man” :)

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