Offensive/inoffensive tree ornament

Picture 8-24 The patron tree ornament looks innocent, but will delight/disgust those who know its inspiration. Link (Thanks, HornCologne!)


  1. I feel so behind the curve. Or fortunate I am not sure which. I just do not get the Goatse reference though I gather it is on a par with 2g1c in its general inapropriatness. So I guess i am not offended by the ornament.

  2. my gf doesn’t think it looks much like a goatse – her exact words: “I think that’s a sretch”

  3. CarnyTrash: Better this than a “2 Girls, 1 Cup” ornament.

    Yes. The prestigious “2 Girls, 1 Cup” label should be reserved for a line of soft-serve ice cream machines.

  4. It would have been more convincing if the fingers were different lengths, and worst of all they forgot the ring!

  5. To the tune of that old Tootsie Roll commercial: “Whatever it is I think I see/becomes a gaping hole to me”

  6. i agree with Wendell. indentation needed.

    that being said, i can only hope that the 2G1C meme lasts only a fraction of the time that freakin’ goatse has hung around. i am waaaay over goatse in all its high-larious forms.

  7. Ug, you know the quickest way to killing a disgusting internet meme is to STOP PROPAGATING IT!!!

    Seriously. It’s like Boing Boing has a fettish. It’s creepy and gross.

  8. Gee … someone could make a whole “Internet shock meme” ornament set.
    Lemon Party
    and the all new flavor of the season … 2g1c

  9. Halloween Jack (14), I predict that they would blog the test, interview the guy administering it, print their favorite blot on a t-shirt, and in general have such an interesting time that they’d never get around to answering the questions.

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