Offensive/inoffensive tree ornament


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  1. Jamshid666 says:

    Hey Cinemajay, you’re just mad that no one talks about LemonParty anymore….

  2. the_boy says:

    why does dolphinsex fag get no love?

    …Right, that’s why

  3. Dillenger69 says:

    Gee … someone could make a whole “Internet shock meme” ornament set.
    Lemon Party
    and the all new flavor of the season … 2g1c

  4. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Halloween Jack (14), I predict that they would blog the test, interview the guy administering it, print their favorite blot on a t-shirt, and in general have such an interesting time that they’d never get around to answering the questions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Westnet’s logo is also similar

  6. semiotix says:

    And what happened then? Well, in Who-ville they say /
    That his anus distended three sizes that day!

  7. MeaningOfLife says:

    Oh Mr. Goatse, when will you not ever show up?

  8. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Semiotix made coffee come out my nose.

  9. CarnyTrash says:

    Better this than a “2 Girls, 1 Cup” ornament.

  10. EricT says:

    I feel so behind the curve. Or fortunate I am not sure which. I just do not get the Goatse reference though I gather it is on a par with 2g1c in its general inapropriatness. So I guess i am not offended by the ornament.

  11. EricT says:

    Never mind, onme quck trip to wikipedia gave me all the info I needed.

  12. Chemical Orphan says:

    my gf doesn’t think it looks much like a goatse – her exact words: “I think that’s a sretch”

  13. Registrado says:

    CarnyTrash: Better this than a “2 Girls, 1 Cup” ornament.

    Yes. The prestigious “2 Girls, 1 Cup” label should be reserved for a line of soft-serve ice cream machines.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It would have been more convincing if the fingers were different lengths, and worst of all they forgot the ring!

  15. fennylaise says:

    Want!! This will look wonderful on the Christmas tree at work beside the VP’s office. LOL!

  16. Doomstalk says:

    To the tune of that old Tootsie Roll commercial: “Whatever it is I think I see/becomes a gaping hole to me”

  17. Genghazoid says:

    Oh come on; this just isn’t fair.

    Tubgirl needs to be represented too.

  18. Wendell says:

    Not quite good enough, IMO. It needs to be one of those ornaments with the big shiny indentations to be true to the source material. (My artist’s misconception is at ) But it’s still quite capable of being taken innocently.

  19. the_boy says:

    where’s the wedding ring?

  20. Halloween Jack says:

    Have the Boing Boing staff ever taken a Rorschach test? Just wonderin’.

  21. techiepage says:

    Never mind, onme quck trip to wikipedia gave me all the info I needed.

  22. franko says:

    i agree with Wendell. indentation needed.

    that being said, i can only hope that the 2G1C meme lasts only a fraction of the time that freakin’ goatse has hung around. i am waaaay over goatse in all its high-larious forms.

  23. tuckerch says:

    Have yourself a goatse little christmas…

  24. Anonymous says:

    What is it supposed to be? I don’t get it :S

  25. cinemajay says:

    Ug, you know the quickest way to killing a disgusting internet meme is to STOP PROPAGATING IT!!!

    Seriously. It’s like Boing Boing has a fettish. It’s creepy and gross.

  26. Nelson.C says:

    Oh, that’s all we need, a thread about goatse and 2g1c….

  27. Wareq says:

    Oh, gods

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