Anti-robot op-ed from 1932

On the Paleo-Future blog, a 1932 anti-robot op-ed from the Ruston Daily Leader of Ruston, Louisiana. The editorialist predicts an alienation of humans from their creations as the creations start to take on more and more of the work.

We don't shudder over tales of spooks and haunts the way our fathers did, but we can always get cold chills by thinking about a steel monster that goes about with no brain or heart to control it. We find it more horrifying to think of a body without a soul than to think of a soul without a body. Furthermore, we find it easier to believe in such a thing.

And now, apparently, it has happened. Life has imitated art once more. A robot has shot its master.


(Image: Still from Leave It to Roll-Oh (1940) -- from the Prelinger Archive, hosted at the Internet Archive)