Mitch O'Connell's glitter graphics


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  1. Oneiroi says:

    I’m amazed at when the kitch becomes “hip”.

    Don’t some of you understand when things become so bad they become good again (ie garden gnomes, unicorns)?

  2. gretagretchen says:

    Unicorns bad?


  3. dculberson says:

    I <3 glitter lamb!

  4. Lone says:

    “Agh, soo tacky, cant, cant look at it”
    - Agent Nein, Psychonauts.

    But as glitter gifs go, I give it one and a quarter thumbs.

  5. pork musket says:

    Do not want.

  6. Epicanis says:

    So cute and glittery, we need a chaser!

  7. Bonnie says:

    Finally! Animated GIFs are glittery!
    Now if I can only get scratch and sniff stickers to work online!

  8. grey says:

    @18: And then absolutely everyone on earth latches onto the kitsch, waters it down, Hallmark starts making stuffed Christmas ornaments of it, and it stops being cool again.

    @11. Happy Hanukkah.

  9. joflow says:


    I mean, I can see how his have a little more effort put into them than most, but that’s like buying a The Best of Larry the Cable Guy album. Just because it’s “the best” doesn’t mean it isn’t tacky white trash garbage.

  10. unnes says:

    What’s next, linking

  11. dculberson says:


    I what?!

    I can’t post the ‘sms speak’ heart, that’s for sure.

    I (heart) GlitterLamb!

    Better known as:

    I ♥ GlitterLamb!

  12. edgore says:

    A technicality, but it looks like while the original art is Mitch’s, the glitterification was actually done by the person –

  13. halfsquatch says:

    like his work. why would he bother with fucking christmas?

  14. seanfish says:

    The art is nice in a COOP wannabe (minus the delicious zaftigs) kind of a way… the glitter just makes me feel vaguely nauseous I’m afraid.

    If there were a way to rehabilitate glitter art this could well be it, but ultimately I have to give it the big thumbs down for myself.

    Then again I’m of the opinion that umpty million bebo users CAN be wrong.

  15. keefry says:

    I see enough of this crap on MySpace.

  16. mouser882 says:

    I have to say, there is such a difference between having a border “glitter” or the little outfit or something, and having a different “glitter” or “shimmer” effect in every other square of the entire image.
    It’s a bad line to cross!

  17. Gatfish says:

    “Posted in: ART”


  18. klg19 says:

    Wow. That reminds me of the sort of mandatory-exchange Valentine’s Day cards we used to get when I was in grade school in the ’60s. So very very shiny.

    Hey, grumpy CLOUDSOUP: it ain’t Christmas for me. I’m Jewish. And since no one can tell it to look at me, I’m very happy with being wished Happy Holidays. I will concede, however, that when the image is bearing a Santa Claus cap, you might as well not waste the PC effort and go with Merry Christmas.

  19. Rick says:

    So if we don’t like the cheesy graphics we’re grumpy sourpusses?

    Oh no! Peer pressure! If I say it’s irritating and kitschy, like multicolored HTML blinking text or banner ads that flash and vibrate, they’ll say I’m grumpy and dig up some old cartoon about grumps! Noooo! Heeelp!


  20. bpm140 says:

    I thought they were a hoot, but there’s one that I just can’t look at.

    The way this one was done makes it impossible for me to focus on anything specific for more than a split second.

    Damn you, establishing reflex!

  21. Joe Cunningham says:

    These are just great. The subject matter quality is inconsistent. He should really edit his portfolio in half, but some of them are painstakingly executed and a lot of fun on the eyes. Jessica is especially cool.

    Snobs… can’t spot fun when you see it.

  22. anthropomorphictoast says:

    I usually hate the glittery shit that people plaster on their MySpace pages, but these actually look cool. :P

  23. cloudsoup says:

    I loathe the hyper-PC ‘Happy Holidays’. It’s called Christmas, it’s a takeover of an old midwinter pagan fetival and I’m an atheist – but I still can’t abide the implication of ‘Happy Holidays’.

    Happy Christmas.

  24. BooBerry Bill says:

    Boy! What a bunch of snobs!

  25. Welcome to Wallyworld says:

    Ah yes…nice and cheesy but have you seen the Make Your Own Glitter Writing Thingey

  26. ehkca says:

    Shiny things!

  27. EricT says:

    Well aren’t we just a bunch of Grumpy Guss’s

    Now take those frowns and turn em upside down

  28. noen says:

    I think the combination of Coop and glitter is perfect… snobs.

  29. morehumanthanhuman says:

    He should make the next unicorn chaser.

  30. c o l l e e n says:

    I love them! They are scintillate, scintillating fun, just as I intended them to be. They are not all the most wonderful ever, but I’m still learning.
    I love them all anyway.
    I really think glitter graphics are an acquired taste
    This is my favorite…

  31. Jenny says:

    Geez! Whatta bunch of haters! Lighten up like that glittery widdle lamb, willya?

  32. c o l l e e n says:

    Oops, wrong link…never mind though, I just love em all.

  33. c o l l e e n says:

    I’m thinking I should really preview before I post.

  34. musicman says:

    Happiness Pie time for some of you. “happy freelance artists” has always made me lol, not because I don’t know any, just because he’s trying to jam so many syllables into a small space.

  35. leoo says:

    niche blog

  36. jan says:

    i agree with jenny above. grumpy old men. give gif a chance, check out

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