Plushie: easy design system for plush toys

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I don't know which I like more: this software, which lets you easily design plush toy models and sewing patterns, or the video narrator's delightful accent. Link (Thanks, Saul!)


  1. This could be really cool for maybe a complicated concept like a Ctulhu plushie or something.

  2. I think this program is fun. I wonder if it could be used for designing items other than animals… And her accent is delightful.

  3. Where! Where get! Want! I want it! Where! AAAAH! Lust!

    This goes into my top 10 list of 21st century computer apps. It’s just too amazingly easy looking!

  4. Teuthis, if you didn’t find it: Right on the site with the video, you can download the program as as windows exe. I encountered some hiccups with it, but I gave up pretty early since I’m not really into knitting – yet.

  5. Ah.. excuse that last post. My eyes were too clouded with passion to see the link at the bottom of the page.

    I’m sewing tonight!

  6. Wow, that’s really neat. Makes me wish I had any skill whatsoever in sewing. Still, it would be fun to play with the program for a while & try to convince one of my friends with a sewing machine to take a go at the pattern. Ectomo would love this for obvious reasons.

    And yes, her accent is to die for. “Prushie” indeed.

  7. I’ve known about this for a long time. If I’d known it would interest you I would have posted it in “suggest a link”.

    Have you ever heard of TopMod Mark?

    “TopMod3d can create models that can be developed into flat surfaces using software such as Pepakura, Lamina Design, Rhinoceros3D, and Paracloud. It can also create solid models that can be prototyped using various rapid prototyping technology.”

    It was originally developed by Dr. Ergun Akleman

    ” Topological Mesh Modeling is my main research direction and TopMod is a manifold mesh modeling system that includes all the work presented in our Topological Mesh Modeling papers. Using TopMod, you can find a wide variety of ways to create high genus shapes; almost all subdivision algorithms, wide variety of ways to remesh shapes, new extrusions and more.”

    It is now a Google App, like SketchUp. It’s pretty fun to play with though you will need Blender or other 3D app to render your models with. It is of course open source.

  8. I know a few people who will consider this to be one of the coolest bits of software made in the last decade or so.

  9. I’m dying to try this, but I dont know how to make it work!!
    I downloaded the zip file, as it was the only download available, but what do I run?

  10. Has anyone actually tried Plushie or Teddy? I can’t seem to get the desired shapes I want. They also seem very buggy.

  11. The Link doesn’t work any more, could you post a download of the program so that we can all get it?

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