Liz McGrath show in Los Angeles

 07Mcgrath Images Deerhouse  07Mcgrath Images Xxiii
Elizabeth McGrath is a Los Angeles artist who creates exquisitely creepy and lovely dioramas and sculptures involving nightmarishly mutant animals, circus sideshow decadence, and delightfully gross horror movie gore. Liz is a master of faux taxidermy. She doesn't use animal parts at all, instead creating her terrifying beasts from resin, fake fur, and fake leather layered over taxidermy armatures and beautified with paint, roofing tar, and hand-sewn fabric. Seen here, "Deer House" (37" x 20" x 12") and "Ready for the Parade - Strip XXIII" (35" x 30" x 6.5"). Liz has a new solo show, titled The Incurable Disorder, opening this Saturday at the Billy Shire Fine Arts gallery in Culver City, California. Along with dozens of sculptures and watercolors, a new 3D video from Liz's goth-country band Miss Derringer will be screened. Earlier this week, I visited Liz's studio and found her to be wonderfully charming, funny, and light-hearted. I think her art embodies this juxtaposition of the cute and scary, the hysterically funny and brutally tragic. Look for my interview with Liz McGrath on an upcoming episode of BBtv.

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