Liz McGrath show in Los Angeles


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  1. LAWeekly says:

    Here’s a link to some images from the gallery opening in Culver City.

  2. Esther Sassaman says:

    This McGrath should make some China Mieville characters. (

  3. Bonnie says:

    I adore Liz’s work! In face here’s some photos of the first show I went to when she had her work at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco:

    I was even quick enough to buy one of her snarky rabbits:

  4. Bonnie says:

    Here’s a great video interview of Liz McGrath’s work and her studio here:

  5. Kirsten says:

    I love love love Liz and her creepy menagerie…so excited for this show.
    Erick Swenson is AMAZING- thank you for the link!

  6. colin says:

    And now for a shameless plug by the publisher:

    You can buy Liz’s book, Everything That Creeps, directly from the publisher:

    (The book was co-published by Last Gasp and Liz’s gallery, La Luz de Jesus/BSFA)

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