Tired Trump sleepwalks out of the courtroom, smacks his lips, and calls his trial "breathtaking" (video)

Donald Trump looked like he was sleepwalking today as he walked out of the courtroom with half-shut eyes. But that didn't stop him from mumbling into the cameras, oddly describing the courtroom as "breathtaking."

"Thank you very much everybody," the trial-riddled ex-president said, swallowing and smacking his lips as if in desperate need of a post-snooze glass of water.

"Today was a breathtaking, you saw in this room, you saw what went on, it was breathtaking," he continued, obviously still half-asleep, dreaming about the teen dressing room he walked into at his Miss Universe pageant rather than the Manhattan courtroom that included David Pecker's testimony about the Stormy Daniels hush money deal.

"And uhh, amazing testimony," he said on autopilot. "…It was really an incredible, an incredible, uhh, day." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)