Truck driver attacked, $30k in snow crabs stolen in heist

A truck driver in Pennsylvania pulled over for a power nap when he was rudely awakened by a shaking cab. As The Kansas City Star reports:

When the driver got out of the truck to see what was going on, he saw four SUVs and 12 men, according to police. The men were stealing cases of snow crabs, police said. The driver confronted the men, and several of them attacked and beat him, police said. They stole the driver's cellphone and took off with approximately 100 cases of snow crabs, according to authorities. The amount taken was valued at about $30,000, Capt. Jack Ryan told WPVI.

That's a lot of crabs!

Mob swarms sleeping truck driver, steals 100 cases of snow crabs, Pennsylvania cops say [Jennifer Rodriguez / Kansas City News]

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