The Trump trial brings out the juvenile in all of us

The trial of the Orange Grub is an extremely important moment, possibly a turning point in the entire history of the United States and maybe even the future viability of democracy. The stakes couldn't be higher. And yet, there is something so tawdry, so sleazy and essentially comedic about the proceedings that even serious journalists can't help themselves. 

Here's a headline from The Daily Beast:

David Pecker Deflates as Trump Hush Money Trial Testimony Grinds Ahead

The rest of the article is a pretty standard look at David Pecker's relationship with Trump and his generally disgusting, sleazy way of doing business at the National Enquirer, but "Pecker deflates" just made me laugh. 

If you care to read more, the article looks at how Pecker rose to the occasion, got pumped up by Trump's victory, and cooked up this cock and bull story to cover for Trump. And after all that, Pecker really got the shaft. What a tool. 

I guess even the most serious of men still have a 12-year-old boy lurking just below the surface.

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