Flickr photoset of science tattoos

Picture 1-132

Brain says: "A collection of science-related tattoos collected in a flickr album. Very neat pics. I'm sure your readers will have more they can submit to the collection, too." Link


  1. Awesome. My Mobius Tattoo made it… :) A twist in space where time becomes a loop. And yes it hurt getting it on the inside of my arm, but I am pleased with the results.

  2. Billy, it may have something to do with the previous name for science: natural philosophy.

  3. ok. i see that. and i’ll try not to get too irked when someone, amazed by the solar system, says ‘wow! science is so cool !’ and they say nothing when i burp ! not even bless you ! ;)

  4. Thats my tattoo of Einstein. I got it to show people that I’m as smart as Einstein.
    E = mc² and such as Iraq.

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