Ultraman Hugo award


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  1. Cpt. Tim says:

    one day i will have a hugo. its my drunken promise to myself.

  2. Johnny Coelacanth says:

    Apparently, some old school skiffy fans are opposed to the Ultraman Hugo, saying a commercial character has no place on the award.

  3. David says:

    That is Ultraman, right? God, I loved the Ultraman series as a kid (okay, I love it is an adult as well).

  4. voivoed says:

    OMFG! Do want!

    That is a very, very sweet trophy.

  5. Laurie Mann says:

    I agree the Ultraman Hugo is pretty neat.

    However, my favorite Hugo statue ever is still the Magicon statue:

    It’s got a starry background and a small piece of a gantry from NASA!

  6. Bevatron Repairman says:

    I was not aware that Hugo trophies were done as a variation on a theme, rather than the same thing each year. Is there a gallery of the trophies (or at least the (particularly) cool ones?

  7. Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey says:

    If PNH’s Hugo fills you with admiration, it would be nice for you to credit the designer of the Hugo base, Kinoshita Takashi of Kaiyoda.

    Every year new copies of the classic shiny Hugo rocket are made and attached to a newly-designed base. The original 1953 design is due to Jack McKnight and Ben Jason. For many years Peter Weston has manufactured new Hugo rockets. A photo gallery of vintage Hugos may be found here.

  8. ckd says:

    I think my favorite Hugo base is still the 2004 design by Scott Lefton.

    It’s a rocket; it should launch.

  9. Laurie Mann says:

    I love Lefton’s, too. I especially love the deconstruction he did:


    I have photos of most of the Hugos at AwardWeb. However, there is now an official Hugo site, with even more photos. It’s up at:


  10. Antinous says:

    “I’ve fondled a lot of Hugos in my day…” Hmm. Maybe I should change my name to Hugo.

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