Steampunk fashion: zeppelin sky-hat

Molly "Porkshanks" Friedrich's Ludiculous Skytop Zeppelin Hat is a sky-blue, cloud-decorated leatherette top-hat, featuring a miniature zeppelin on its brim. Link (Thanks, Jake!)


  1. I thought it was going to say Skytop Zeppelin-toilet paper roll cover.
    Although, either works for me.

  2. This is just such a delightful creation! Often steampunk fashion tends toward the gothy but this dieselpunk fantasy is a new direction and I like it.

    @Matt – no, this is where you get the free ice cream.

  3. Enough already. Just because something has some weird Victorian styling overtone does not make it cool or even interesting. The only way this hat steams is in a metophorical fresh feces on a cold morning kind of way.

    Steampunk is neither steam nor punk nor meaningfully descriptive of “Victorian style technologies.” That’s a total peeve of mine already lost to the meme consuming public.

  4. I can appreciate that as a piece of cloth art, but you’d have to be the biggest dork in the world to actually wear it.

  5. I definitely think this hat is inspired by the Philip Pullman Northern Lights book character, Lee Scoresby.

    Come to think of it, there is allot of steampunk contraptions in those books….hmmmm

  6. If there was a clockwork mechanism inside the hat animating the Zeppelin, then yes. Otherwise no. Apropos clockwork hats, there was a Victorian invention that lifted the hat and rotated it in a polite orbit round the head if you inclined your noggin forward, thus allowing you to be polite to ladies even if your hands were full. Now that’s, what I’m talkin’ ’bout…

  7. Submitted for your consideration: my trick top hat with hidden springs, hinges, a four-bar linkage, cable, and hand lever.

    Granted, the rubber monster lacks a Victorian feel, but this is the most mechanical top hat I have encountered.


    Dug North

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