Elizabeth Holmes's sentence was reduced, again

Disgraced Elizabeth "Call me Liz" Holmes's Federal prison sentence for defrauding Theranos' investors has been shortened by four additional months.

In July of 2023 the former CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, had her 135 month Federal prison sentence shortened by 2 years, now, The Guardian reports it has been reduced by an additional four months. Good behavior, or participation in other rehabilitative efforts, is speculated. Holmes continues to appeal her conviction, refusing to accept responsibility for her crimes.

Holmes's sentence was reduced by more than four months, as her previous release date was set for 29 December 2032.

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Prisons confirmed Holmes's amended sentence to the Guardian but said he could not comment further due to "privacy, safety and security reasons" for inmates.
This is the second time that Holmes has had her sentence shortened. In July, was reduced by two years.

People incarcerated in the US can have their sentences shortened for good conduct and for completing rehabilitation programs, such as a substance abuse program.

The latest reduction of Holmes's sentence still meets federal sentencing guidelines. Those guidelines mandate that people convicted of federal offenses must serve at least 85% of their sentence, regardless of reductions for good behavior.