Steampunk Justice League of America modded action figures


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  1. vonnegutlives says:

    I love that Aquaman. If DC published an Aquaman book with that look, I would definitely pick it up.

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    Even though similar things have been done, these are some great designs; Hawkgirl is awesome.

  3. bonedad says:

    Those who like these are advised to check out the work of Glorbes, a customs maker who posts on Fwooshnet. Amazing stuff, and most of it in the same vein.

  4. Cpt. Tim says:


  5. jimh says:

    These are fantastic!
    Check out his take on the Star Wars universe as well.

  6. decriss says:

    What’s a good resource for identifying the hallmarks of steampunk fashion?

  7. Jesse M. says:

    Those who like this kind of concept may also want to check out the comic JLA: Age of Wonder (here is the cover of the first issue featuring The Flash, Starman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Lex Luthor & Lois Lane; here is the cover of the second issue featuring Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, Batman and The Atom. Info on the storyline here.)

  8. freaksauce says:

    There must be steampunk in the air today, I blogged about a steampunk guitar today on my blog Guitar Noize!

  9. V(irtual)D(espot) says:

    I recently rediscovered Gotham by Gaslight among my childhood comics. Easily one of the best ever Batman one-offs.

    And these beautifully realized figures are the first articles of steampunk that I’ve unreservedly loved. Absolutely perfect indeed. I tip my hat to the artist.

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