Podcast of Bruce Sterling's HACKER CRACKDOWN has concluded


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  1. Van Diemen says:

    Hey REDMAGE13,

    I have downloaded upto Part 8 and they range in size between 10 and 26 meg.

    Part 3 is a link to another page?
    Part 8 is a link to Part 7?

  2. Jordan S. Hatcher says:

    Don’t forget that this book also tells the story of EFF Austin http://www.effaustin.org/ which is separate (but with naturally close ties) from EFF and does important work in cyber liberties in Texas.

  3. kiki1971 says:

    The links for the mp3s of part 22 and 25 are html files….and not mp3s.

    The html file content is:

    “We’re experiencing system slowness – please try again in a little while. Thanks for your patience!”

  4. mokey says:

    audioanarchy has a great collection of various anarchist books, essays, and pamphlets. great for driving. it’d be nice to compile a bunch of free readings of kooky kinda stuff and link out to all the various sites. i might get on that.

  5. Jeff says:

    Very nice read. Does Cory have any plans to do the audio version of Down and Out…? I’ve read that many artists/authors are trying to take advantage of the audio market by producing thier own audio books.


  6. terpkristin says:

    That’s odd, I couldn’t get part 22 or part 25 to work for me, either through the links above or from the iTunes feed (for the mp3 version).

    I’m really looking forward to listening, somehow I missed this when it started!

  7. ferretman23 says:

    Dear all,
    Hi – I think Part 8 is accidently called Part 7, 9 is accidently called 8, but all the rest are correctly named. However, I had a bit of trouble, aswell as Kiki1971, I couldn’t get the MP3 for Part 22, got the same error. I think the file has gone missing or corrupt, so I looked around and found the page for the details of Part 22 at http://www.archive.org/details/Cory_Doctorow_Podcast_107. There is a link to the broken file and a zipped version of it. I was forced to download the zipped version and unzip it but I don’t mind that much. Also, @sensoz, there is a torrent for the whole thing at http://www.mininova.org/tor/1107617 but it isn’t small seperate files, it is one huge one so would take ages to download.

  8. GodOfFire says:

    Thanks, that was an awesome book, and well done on getting through it all.

    P.S The links all work for using Firefox 2, but in the new FF 3 Beta 5 none of the links work, for any one having problems.

  9. Ralph Giles says:

    I’ve fixed the broken links for the Ogg podcast feed. All the episodes should work now.

  10. robojiannis says:

    I made a torrent of the whole podcast for anyone interested. You can download it here.

    I have removed Corry’s introductory comments. There is only audiobook there!

    Did you also listen to pop-corn making in part 12?

  11. Ludovicus says:

    I think You must be crazy :-) doing a work like this. But let me say that You are also our digital hero. Bruce’s book is really a MUST, and Your podcast was somehow necessary.

    Thanx, L. :-)

  12. Ralph Giles says:

    Wow, congrats on completing this. Quite a long read!

    Can we get a podcast file for the Ogg version as well?

  13. Cory Doctorow says:

    The feed-rollers I played with didn’t take oggs — if you make the feed, I’ll link to it.

  14. Ralph Giles says:

    Ogg podcast feed for the whole book.

    BTW, links to parts 3, 12, and 18 are broken.

  15. Sensoz says:

    It would be swell to have the whole thing in a single torrent to download.

  16. Ralph Giles says:

    Sorry, that’s parts 3, 12, and 19.

  17. Crash says:

    Sensoz: so download them all and post a multi-file torrent to a public tracker. Nothing’s stopping you!

  18. AGF says:

    My husband and I enjoyed listening every week. I’m sad it’s over, but thank you very much for reading it Cory!

  19. Burz says:

    “I hope someone’ll download all the parts, normalize ‘em, trim out the intros, and piece them together into a single file.”

    Cory -

    Put copies of the mp3 files into a seperate folder (on Debian or K/Ubuntu), then:

    $ sudo apt-get install mp3gain
    $ cd Folder
    $ find . -name ‘*mp3′ | xargs -I FILE rename ‘s/.*_.*_.*_.*_.*_.*_//’ FILE
    $ mp3gain *mp3
    $ find . -name ‘*mp3′ | sort | xargs -I FILE cat FILE >> Whole_Podcast.mp3

    This normalizes the audio files and then combines them in alphabetical order. You would want to edit each piece first to remove any of the intro material that you feel should be taken out.

    Note: The 3rd line matches your filenames of the form “Cory_Doctorow_Podcast_86_The_Hacker_Crackdown_Part_001.mp3′ to make then more manageable.

    Note: ‘Folder’ on line 2 may be interpreted WRT the folder you created, but ALL else is literal; The ‘FILE’ keyword on the other lines stays as-is.

    As much as I love Ogg, the format doesn’t accommodate straightforward normalization (its a messy process involving re-encoding).


  20. Church says:

    MP3 feed works for everything but part 3. At least via iTunes.

  21. RedMage13 says:

    Would anyone mind posting the average size of the MP3 files? My internet connection is horrible, and I want to make a rough estimate of how long it’ll take to download.

  22. cinemajay says:

    So, judging by the cover, are hackers even a threat? Because by my eyes they’re still using a PackerdBell circa 1994!

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