Cotton Monster

Martha says,

Cotton Monster is the handy work of Jennifer Strunge. She creates amazing stuffed monsters in all sizes. Each one is a work of art and totally unique, as she uses no patterns. Her store is almost always sold out, but tomorrow there will be new monsters for sale.
Link, her online gallery also includes photos of giant-sized inflatable monsters.


  1. They don’t look at all similar. Jennifer’s look more detailed, have a different design and distinctive features.

  2. As someone who knows Jennifer (friend-of-a-friend) and has seen lots of her work in person, I can say that it bears nothing more than a passing resemblance to ugly dolls. It would be like Disney suing Paddington Bear for it’s resemblance to Winny the Poo.
    And, as Noen pointed out the level of craft and detail applied to the cotton monsters is far and above that of the simplistic and mass produced ugly dolls. They are wroth every penny.

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