Free download: Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Issue #21


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  1. Traveler58 says:

    While we’re making corrections, the previous writer on SWAMP THING was Marty Pasko, not Pasco.

  2. Prufrock451 says:

    SPOILER: The Freemasons imprison Swamp Thing in a mental institution, but he is rescued by Mina Harker and disappears to seed life throughout the universe.

  3. Dustin Driver says:

    Meh. Wish the artwork was as intriguing as the cover art.

  4. emilygrey says:

    OMG how’d they get Thomas Kincaid to do the cover?!

  5. Halloween Jack says:

    One of the reasons for reading this is that, in addition to being Moore’s first “real” issue on Swamp Thing, it’s an example of how to do an effective retcon; many of the people who tried to follow in Moore’s footsteps are examples of how not to do one, up to and most definitely including the recent decision by Marvel to pretend that Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson’s marriage never happened.

  6. sasquatch says:

    I hope this triggers more comics to be sold on line. I live in a very small place and I’ve stopped buying comics purely for the reason that I just don’t have any place to keep them. Sure I buy a few but I either sell or give them away soon after reading them. Used comic books are hard to sell and I’m just not interested in the collectability of them. I just like to read them. I’d buy a lot more if I didn’t have to store them.

  7. Hagrid says:


    These are the Swamp Things I got hooked on back in High School, when they were new on the shelves. Fell in love with Alan Moore’s work then, looking forward to the anthology!

  8. Simeon says:

    Trying to find a copy of this was like searching for the Holy Grail back when I was actively collecting 20 years ago. Thanks for sharing DC!

  9. buddy66 says:

    Feh. The Swamp Thing is a ripoff of The Heap, you yoing whippersnappers….

  10. jccalhoun says:

    This is factually incorrect on a couple of levels. First of all, this isn’t issue number 1. It is issue #21. Secondly, it is not Moore’s first issue as writer of Swamp Thing but his second. His first issue was #20 which wrapped up all the outstanding issues of Marty Pasco’s run which was issues 1-19 of the Saga of the Swamp Thing.

    Regardless, Moore’s run on Swamp Thing is responsible for the existence of the Vertigo line and thus comics such as Y the Last Man, Fables, Sandman, and countless others and really is must reading if you are one of those rare people that like things.

  11. Bionicrat2 says:

    Thanks for posting. Will make for a good read at lunch. Maybe one day we’ll be able to get all comics in pdfs…

    FYI, took about 20 min to download on a T1 line.

  12. kuanes says:

    #2@Bionicrat2 – I’m assuming you downloaded “Issue #1,” which took about 10 seconds @ 3Mbps. Perhaps there were server issues at DC? Just to state that I had no problem whatsoever downloading this….

  13. OM says:

    …Actually, the one to sell the pre-Egotist Moore’s Swampy run on anyone is to give them a copy of Swamp Thing Annual #2, which featured the conclusion of Moore’s first – and best – Swampy vs. Arcane arc. That was the one that hooked me on the series, which lasted until Mark Millar totally fucked up the book and deliberately crashed it.

  14. g.park says:

    It’s great to see publishers taking a risk and giving stuff away, instead of running shrieking from the concept of digital distribution and *gasp* sharing.


    If you’re here, who’s watching the counter at The Android’s Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop?

  15. genekjr says:

    Just to jump on the “extra info” bandwagon:

    I’d refer to this as “Alan Moore & Steve Bissette & John Totleben’s” SWAMP THING. The three of them really operated as a symbiotic team on these books, as pretty much any interview with any of them will discuss. (Steve will also credit Tatjana Wood’s coloring, astounding for its sensitivity in those pre-computer-coloring days.) That creative alchemy really makes these comics shine – and endure.

    Anyway – Thanks for posting this; I hope it leads more people to these horror classics.

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