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  1. Songe says:

    Elise it doesn’t matter, if it whistles

  2. amelia_amelia_amelia says:

    My favorite one on there is the picture for “Baby Island” in the scholastic book section … I seem to recall reading this as a young child, so I looked it up on wikipedia, and the summary amuses me:

    “Their ship is disabled in a storm, and the girls are set adrift in a lifeboat — alone with four babies under two, the children of fellow passengers. The craft eventually drifts to a tropical island, and in a Robinson Crusoe-like scenario, they must learn to build shelter and survive on wild foodstuffs. They do this with great success, while raising the babies through various developmental milestones and adopting a baby monkey who they raise alongside the babies.”

  3. trikitixa says:

    Was there ever a truer maxim?

    My favorite pulp that I actually read:

    Someone I knew swiped it my copy from me and I had a serious feud with them about it for YEARS.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t whistle but you can still blow it???

    please post more of these classics…

  5. isaacb2 says:

    This guy is telling his friend a joke. He says, “What’s pink, hangs on a wall, and whistles?”

    His friend says, “I don’t know — what’s pink, hangs on a wall, and whistles?”

    Guy: “A herring.”

    Friend: “But a herring isn’t pink.”

    Guy: “So this herring is pink!”

    Friend: “And hanging on a wall?”

    Guy: “Someone could’ve hung it on the wall.”

    Friend: “And I’ve never heard of a herring that could whistle!”

    Guy: “So, it doesn’t whistle.”

  6. rhys says:

    connie, eh? i bet that’s the wife of a certain j.r.”bob” dobbs, up to her usual tricks.

    there are some great books along these lines. i own this one:

  7. Evil Jim says:

    “… good in the head and good in bed.” would have sounded better.

  8. JeremiahBritt says:

    That’s a beautifully awkward poem, like a limerick penned by a drunken lecher.

  9. Lauren O says:

    Man, I wish that guy from the Cure would stop trying to write romance novels.

  10. semiotix says:

    I can feel my brain tying itself in knots as it tries to unravel the fractal-like layers of innuendo on that cover.

  11. Jeff says:

    It sounds like soft porn to me. I guess there must be a market for the stuff. Although, with free porn on the web, who needs to read about it? I bet the next big IPO will be for Youporn. I wonder how many Boing Boing readers would invest in a porn site? It does seem to be very popular stuff.

  12. TayArgJosh18 says:

    Someone said Madonna? I thought it was Xeni. :)

  13. jonbro says:

    I really like all the bad winkwinknudgenudge puns:

    margin of _terror_

  14. Bionicrat2 says:

    Add a gap tooth and the gal on the cover is the spitting image of Blond Ambition Tour Madonna – clothes and all.

  15. Antinous says:

    I bet the next big IPO will be for Youporn.

    Obviously NSFW.

    When are we going to have BoingBoingDating? GM, 50, into Retrofuturism, snark, LOLcats seeks similar. No DRM, guns, steampunk. kthxbye.

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