Six-word memoirs by writers famous and obscure

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Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure, edited by Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser, is an anthology of several hundred six-word autobiographies. I wish all tombstones came with stories like these:

Kentucky trash heap yields unexpected flower. -- John Kurtz

Changing mind postponed demise by decades. -- Scott O'Neil

Despite disorders, jafroed jewboy gets girl. -- Michael Eisner

Didn't pull out. Downhill from there. -- Roger Daubach

Thought I would have more impact. -- Kevin Clark

Yes, you can edit my biography. -- Jimmy Wales

Must remember: people, gadgets. That order. -- Brian Lam

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  1. “Save me!” she begged. I couldn’t.


    The water’s rising faster now. Goodbye.


    He seemed so sweet. At first.

  2. Learn this one thing, it’s critical,


    Before I passed, I wished I’d


    Take time to finish what you

  3. My two favourites from the article that started all this:

    Margaret Atwood: “Longed for him. Got him. Shit.”

    Joss Whedon: “Gown removed carefully. Head less so.”

  4. And my favorite… OK, really two for 12 words, but they could be used on their own or together:

    I’m just to the good part,
    Now I’ll never know what happens.

  5. Fortunately this is just a dream.

    There’s much good in this thread.
    Personal agreements go to Nonlis, Ryan,
    Jaguarcy, Doctor Device, m3ch4h0m0, and Edgeplot.

  6. Autobiography:

    My name’s on Mars – Hell yes!


    Illegible microscopic scribble. Who’s this chump?

  7. For the halves of my life:

    Always got his essays graded promptly.
    Did his best writing on deadline.

  8. Can’t sleep, clowns will eat me.
    What does this button do? Oh.
    Should have bought Wal-mart, Exxon, Berkshire.
    Packed spare parachute? Maybe next time.

  9. Came, saw, took lots of naps

    Danced, wondered, searched, found, lost, accepted

    Life takes longer than you think

  10. Watch me do this new trick!


    Now I’ll attempt the Triple Lindy…


    Phooey, I hate cliff hanger endings


    I have you now!… wait, what?

    {My first post! Kthxbai}

  11. Was born, I lived, now dead…

    Now this is jolly good living…

    Forgot to look before I leapt…

    Was an oxygen thief. Finally caught

    That last potion did not work…

    Failed at life, suceeded in death…

  12. Despite warnings, walked into the light.
    We’ll see who’s right now, Christianity!
    Would be, she is, she was.
    You kids get off my crypt!
    I’m six feet closer to China!
    Warning. Don’t hold beer and watch.

  13. I lost, feared loss, lost everything.

    …then I thought I might escape…

    I knew she had a husband?

  14. i just thought of more, and i do realize that wasn’t really a direct memoir.

    i’m proud i stopped shaving


    not too cool to have fun.


  15. that crazy kid on the roof
    frootloop in a bowl of cheerios
    scared of heights and still climbing
    go green, live large, then die

  16. dad died, you held it together.


    at wedding, should’ve been the bride.


    refuse to ever live without you.


    lucky to have you all along.

  17. long suicidal nights not worth it
    she stood me up, game over
    parents don’t agree with my decisions

  18. “Feeling stronger, after all the pain”

    “They only know who i was”

    “Being 16 isn’t always so sweet”

  19. Let gratitude be your attitude. There!
    -an AA slogan

    Reduce, reuse, recycle. Nothing more needed.

    Will someone please buy my Art!

    Jesus is coming! Hide your bong!
    -a bumper sticker

  20. Life left me, now you too.
    Back to the beginning, but worse.
    I’m losing you and you’re here.
    When you leave, who’ll be here?
    I’ll be next to you forever.

  21. my favorites that i made

    ~I’m a person, not a door mat.~
    ~Zebra Print: no exact match; unique.~

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