Steampunk Iron Man action-figure mod


5 Responses to “Steampunk Iron Man action-figure mod”

  1. OM says:

    …Please, don’t give Marvel any ideas.

  2. License Farm says:

    There’s another customizer out there who has done an assortment of Marvel heros in steampunk/Victorian fashion, though his name or his URL presently escape me and Google.

  3. shoseph says:

    Heh, his helmet looks a little Dr. Doom-ish, which isn’t a bad thing.

  4. Itsumishi says:

    The Bulletproof suit you mention looks quite similar to the famous Australian icon Ned Kelly.

    Link to a picture of Ned’s armour

    Link to Wikipedia article about Ned

  5. Itsumishi says:

    Hmm my links didn’t work.

    Here they are in plain URL form.

    Ned’s Armour

    Ned’s Wikipedia Article

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