EFF Pioneer Awards tomorrow night in San Diego at ETech


3 Responses to “EFF Pioneer Awards tomorrow night in San Diego at ETech”

  1. devophill says:

    BEAPIONEER, if anyone’s wondering.

  2. vanderleun says:

    What I like is that, I think, the design of the award has changed but little since I made it up for the first awards.

    At least I think so. So hard to know at this distance.

  3. certron says:

    Curses! Devophill, you have beaten me to the proverbial punch, although I did feel smart for the 30 seconds between decoding and clicking the comments link. Personally, I would include the spaces, as there are some areas of white space between the letters.

    I like the design, the colors and placement, although I will say that the large lowercase ‘a’ in the font is a little … different.

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