Tikistitch sez, "This one may not be *quite* as cool as the Hello Kitty Vader, but I can personally vouch for it as being 100% authentic, as I just took the picture of him downstairs in the lobby. I'm attending Jedi Con, the Star Wars con going on this weekend in Dusseldorf, Germany." Link (Thanks, Tikistitch!)

16 Responses to “Darth Easter Bunny”

  1. chumprock says:

    Stormtrooper, not Darth.

  2. Cefeida says:

    Was about to say.

  3. noen says:

    People are just plain weird. I mean really, really strange, I don’t get it. Now… where did I put my light saber?

  4. ZippySpincycle says:

    Stormbunny? Bunny Trooper? Uhh…Peter Plastoid-armor-tail?

  5. Nicksy says:

    Here’s a similar photo I snapped at Wondercon in SF a few weeks ago.


  6. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Highly awesome, Nicksy.

  7. Mikey Likes BoingBoing says:

    Easter Bunny: These aren’t the Easter eggs you’re looking for.
    Stormtrooper: These aren’t the Easter eggs we’re looking for.
    Easter Bunny: He can go about his business.
    Stormtrooper: You can go about your business.
    Easter Bunny: Hop along.
    Stormtrooper: Hop along… hop along.

  8. Jeff says:

    Have fun in the land where such ideas as stormtropers and evil empires must seem nicely at home. You know, in a historic kinda way.

  9. noen says:

    Stormtrooper Elvis? Makes perfect sense.

  10. IWood says:

    Ah, good. No need to comment at all then.

  11. Larskydoodle says:

    It’s the white Mickey Mouse four-fingered gloves that make the whole get-up work.

  12. alethos says:

    Posted in: FUNNY FURRY

    Fixed that for you.

  13. dingolishious says:

    When I ended up at a German Lord of the Rings convention they were very serious about not mixing up their fandoms. We got to play with medieval rock band Schelmish who did a medieval bagpipe version of Ring of Fire.

    Happy der Osterhase!

  14. Muse says:

    This image was begging for a Stormtrooper style bunny helmet and death star easter egg.

    I couldn’t resist.


  15. Antinous says:

    Nice. I’m not sure which one is more disturbing.

  16. Evil Jim says:

    Stormtrooper; clearly not a Sith. But great costume nonetheless. Sure to be a delight to all the kids at the Death Star Daycare.

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