Dangly Trek mosaic art


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  1. JamesMason says:

    If the transporter effect bead curtain were available for sale (with Kirk and/or Spock) at a reasonable price, I would buy one.

    The original sounds like it took several weeks to construct….

    Very, very cool.

  2. Jeff says:

    I could see these art pieces made at a reasonable price. I have a question: does the artist need permission from the company that holds the Trek Trade Mark.

  3. Argon says:

    Awesome. Indeed, there’s a market opportunity for the first one who builds an automated color-selecting bead threading robot. Send in a photo and get your custom-made curtain, something like that.

    …I wonder how it would look like if we took this idea one step further, if the beads formed a surface in a three-dimensional voxel space. (There already are 3d-hanging sculptures like this -I’ve seen a ship, I think- but the objects were sparsely distributed, and not in color.)

  4. Crunchbird says:

    I saw another “spools of thread as pixels” work by this artist installed in a corporate lobby in Arlington, VA a couple of years ago. This one was a huge Monet Waterlilies painting, with convex mirrors installed across the lobby to capture the image’s reflection. Definitely an impressive visual object, and it made me think a bit about the ideas she’s trying to explore, but the technique (which is very computer-driven) does come across as a little bit sterile in an “art as science problem” kind of way.

  5. Chris L says:

    @Crunchbird: so Chuck Close is sterile? Speaking of which, a Close portrait would be really cool, in a meta sort of way.

  6. consideredopinion says:

    Now, for the “Kirk Rampant” version, sans torn shirt – and you’ve got yourself a real winner. :-)

  7. bsdmd says:

    Hi, I just saw this show in NYC last weekend. It was impressive in person. The artist has been doing pixelated pieces for years now. FYI all of these pieces are for sale thru the gallery: info@carengolden.com

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