Instant science-fiction convention finder, just add ZIP codes


6 Responses to “Instant science-fiction convention finder, just add ZIP codes”

  1. Daemon says:

    Doesn’t seem to like canadian postal codes. It fails.

  2. BrowncoatMarc says:

    Anyone here going to Ancient City Con in Jacksonville Fl,

  3. Cobwebs says:

    There’s a fairly comprehensive convention calendar here, although I don’t think its search is as granular as by zip code:

  4. Jeffrey McManus says:

    It’s exciting that the internet has finally enabled nerds to find each other.

  5. License Farm says:

    Also, it very conspicuously omits next month’s New York Comic Con, which is very quickly becoming one of the biggest in the country after only three years.

  6. Bryan Price says:

    Very cool. I have an iCal inlcusion in my Google Calendar that tells me that there are lots and lots of cons happening every weekend, but I haven’t a clue as to where they actually are at.

    I just noticed that it is from

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