MIT students roll giant D20 to honor Gygax

MIT students honored the dear departed geek hero Gary Gygax (creator of Dungeons and Dragons) by fabricating a gigantic D20 and rolling it into the notorious prank zone Killian Court. Eric Schmiedl's got a gallery of great photos of the natural 20 in all its glory. Link (via Laughing Squid)

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  1. I continue to be thrilled at the tributes to Gary Gygax’ passing, including hearing yesterday as my boyfriend installed an update for WoW that it was dedicated to Gygax.

  2. Since my brother called it that, I’ve been unable to think of D&D as anything other than “My Guy Does This”. Now you won’t either!

  3. I looked at the nine photos on that site and noted the numbers that are visible. Assuming that the die was constructed traditionally, then numbers on opposite sides of the 20-sided die should add up to 21 (just as opposite sides of a normal 6-sided die add up to 7).
    The only number pairs that cannot be accounted for are 7 & 14 and 1 & 20. So, the die must be “showing” one of those four numbers, which fits with the previous poster’s comment that it must be 20 (which, of course, seems the best choice if one was going to place the die in a particular position).
    Double damage! :-)

  4. i didn’t know that factoid, sawdust — thank you! i can sleep easier tonight knowing that they did gary a solid.

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