Clay Shirky on Colbert


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  1. RichMan says:

    Video Link
    WoW Machinima, Sesame Street like song …

    The Internet if for … Porn.
    .. second major character is called “Shreky”

    Totally PG except for the use of the P-word

  2. Funklord says:

    A slightly less rosy view of Shirky’s book can be found here:

  3. Geektronica says:

    Saw this one when it aired, and I thought Shirky did manage to get some points in edgewise, which as Ridstowe said is hard to do.

    I did think it was odd, though, that he never looked at Stephen or at the camera when he was talking.

  4. Takuan says:


    “Older citizens, the poor, the illiterate and the socially excluded” is accused, then the author proceeds to the same old elitism with a crack about “the long tail of proliferating mediocrity”.

  5. shoesaphone says:

    Erm, that seems to be the video for the You are the Best theme song.

    The Clay Shirky video can be found here:

  6. Dead Robot says:

    And Canadians are SOL.

  7. costik says:

    But we alredy know what the Internet is for. It’s for porn.

  8. mindysan33 says:

    That was good stuff last night. I so want to read his book… I guess I’ll get around to it sometime.

    Anyone seen any of those stickers on doritos bags? Or anything else for that matter?


  9. Frenetic says:

    Why must you torture your fellow Canadians, Cory? :(

  10. David says:

    Why does the link to his book point back to BoingBoing?

  11. joelt999 says:

    Fellow Canadians: just use one of the thousands of sites that offer free proxy servers to mask your IP and you can play all of the videos that the CRTC worries will destroy our “Canadian culture”!

  12. beepy says:

    So did anything “interesting” happen the next day with the Doritos stickers as predicted by Shirky?

  13. notatoad says:

    canadian viewers – watch the clip on TCN’s website here:

  14. mikesum32 says:

    Good video, but Linux has a lot of commercial support, at least 50 per cent if these numbers are true.

  15. yish says:

    and here’s the MP3 from Clay’s recent London gig at the RSA:


  16. ridestowe says:

    that was awesome, he did a great job handling colbert which from what i’ve seen, can be a hard thing to do ;)

  17. Frenetic says:

    Good video, but Linux has a lot of commercial support

    It does now, but those companies would never have been interested (nor would there have been anything to be interested in) were it not for the global Internet-connected community of volunteers and enthusiasts that built up around that certain Finnish student and his hobby operating system.

  18. tikal2k says:

    MSG infusion? No thanks.

  19. PygmyHippo says:

    An interesting video from Nov 2005 of Shirky from one of the LongNow seminars can be found on YouTube at:

    Topic is ” Making Digital Durable ”
    Also can be found at Google videos.

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