David Byrne and Brian Eno to tour with "electric gospel" album

David Byrne and Brian Eno have completed a new album (of "electric gospel") for released before 2009 and have booked a North American tour on which they're planning to play at least 40 percent old Talking Heads material. Holy moly, this is as good as life gets! Update: Turns out the tour's just Byrne, not Byrne and Eno!
Byrne told us he’s collaborating with their mutual friend Brian Eno “for the first time in 20 years. Brian had written a lot of music, but needed some words, which I know how to do. What’s it sound like? Electronic gospel. That’s all I’m saying.”
Link, Link to NY Daily News piece

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  1. I recall spending hours in their collaborative piece in San Francisco’s Exploratorium in ’87. That, and all their work, continues to enrich my understanding of the world. Thanks for the news.

  2. mr. byrne will be playing acl fest here in austin this september. i can only hope eno will back him.

  3. This along with Leonard Cohen touring is some of the best news I’ve heard in ages in regards to live music shows.


  4. A few years back I got to see Prince perform my favorite of his songs “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”. If I get to see David Byrne perform “Life During Wartime”, I could die happy.

  5. is is great news to see eno on tour, but i’m still pissed he didn’t tour with roxy music a few years ago. they did great without him (one of the best shows of my life, with an amazing violin player pulling off an incredible solo on “out of the blue”) but it would have been nice if he played with them.

  6. David never ceases to amaze me with the amount of plates he’s got spinning at any one time.

    Been working with him on and off for the last 3 years or so (on the previously discussed about “Here Lies Love” project and more recently on another separate collaboration with Fatboy Slim etc) – and every time he explains all the things he’s got almost ready to go I wonder to myself just how he finds the time….

    Btw, we’ve talked about BB and many things featured on it in the past – safe to say he’s a regular reader, as am I.


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