Ron English billboard mods in L.A.

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Famed NYC-based prankster/billboard artist Ron English recently took his brilliant brand of witty culture jamming to the Los Angeles area. Our pals at Hi-Fructose have the photographic evidence of the shenanigans. Link

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  1. Dangerously so, but the media is too obsessed with the Democratic race, which has actually been over for a couple months now. While we’re interrogating the best and second best hopes for this country over minutiae, his dirty laundry is being safely stored out of sight. Watch the birrr-deeeee…

    To get back on topic, Ron English is a godsend, though I hope he might ply his trade in a market not already likely to skew left in November. There’s limited use in preaching to the choir.

  2. Is it bad that I want this to be redone to talked advantage of engrish?


    okay I’ll be quiet now

  3. are you sure the erected billboard isn’t photoshopped? it might not matter either way, as it’s arguable more people will see and be affected by the photo than by the real thing (if it exists). conversely, does it carry more psychological weight in person (like seeing any art in person), the combined total of which might outweigh the online version’s impact? who can say.

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