3D printed Cinderella's Castle from Disney


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  1. Cunning says:

    Timelapse youtube video or it didn’t happen.

  2. Amplifier says:

    #7 Matt Mason

    Haha! Well done.

  3. Bibliotrope says:

    I can’t believe it’s not butter!

    Seriously, though, that is way cool.

  4. ployntabs says:

    I looked up 3d printing and still don’t understand how it works. Cool though. The castle looks like it’s made of cheese. I like cheese.

  5. artfreakydude says:

    depends on what type of printer you use, but here’s the basic concept for the simpler ones. if you lay a stack of papers on top of each other 1 by one with a layer of glue in between each piece, you’d have a brick. If you cut a circle in each paper before gluing it down you’d eventually end up with a brick with a hole in it, and a cylinder. complex models can be formed by stacking thousands of it’s cross sections on top of one another (in the totally oldschool way of making huge wooden sculptures). Each printer varies in its material and technique. The printer I use the most uses a powdered resin with a hardening solution. It’s fairly weak but you coat it in superglue afterwards =). Hope that helps

  6. Moon says:

    It’s tiny, isn’t it? I’ll bet it’s not even 3 inches tall.

  7. Talia says:

    It DOES look like cheese. That’s the very first thing I thought.

    I am excited by the thought of a cheese castle. Someone must do this.:p

  8. ployntabs says:

    Thanks artfreakydude!

  9. Avram says:

    Maybe someone could mod one of those 3-D printers to output cheese instead of plastic (or whatever it is they actually use).

  10. toxonix says:

    That is an exellent margarine sculpture.

  11. Bottlekid says:

    You must love cheese! My first thought was white chocolate. Mmmmmm, white chocolate.

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