Steampunk lamps

Steampunk maker Art Donovan has just finished a whole whack of fantastic steampunk lamp designs. These are illuminating in the extreme. Link (Thanks, Art!)


  1. Is this the same Art Donovan who was an NFL lineman in the 1960s and occasionally appeared on Letterman?

  2. Very good looking lamp, but major fails on the plastic cord. To work in a genre so strictly defined by materials and to stop short (after all the other work) is just bizarre.


    Nay, nay! That cord is not encased in plastic; it’s a live, rusted wire pumping 660 volts. This lamp is so punk it’ll electrocute anyone silly enough to unplug it.

  4. the central part of the lamp I know what it is but can’t quite remember.

    It’s driving me nuts.

  5. It’s a Christmas tree stand, in cast iron.
    Normally those flipped-out prongs are beneath
    the threaded ring, which is what forces them into
    the trunk of the tree.

  6. @DWT!#:

    You got it Slick….

    It IS a Christams Tree stand! An antique, that I picked up at a junk store and painted black & gold.

    The Glass globe was a close-out item at William Sonoma ( I don’t know what the hell it was intended for.)

    I put a clear, tube bulb inside, but the glass envelope disappeared. So I added a light satin finish on it so as not to obscure the filament.

    The cord is antique bronze, not plastic.

    Thnaks to all for the input.

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