Steampunk lamps


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  1. peeque says:

    cry, stmpnk s dd. lt t g.

  2. Tenn says:

    Since it’s still being produced, I imagine it isn’t dead. I like it.

  3. Neuron says:

    Is this the same Art Donovan who was an NFL lineman in the 1960s and occasionally appeared on Letterman?

  4. Neuron says:

    steampunk \steem*punk\ adj : contains brass

  5. Art says:


    You got it Slick….

    It IS a Christams Tree stand! An antique, that I picked up at a junk store and painted black & gold.

    The Glass globe was a close-out item at William Sonoma ( I don’t know what the hell it was intended for.)

    I put a clear, tube bulb inside, but the glass envelope disappeared. So I added a light satin finish on it so as not to obscure the filament.

    The cord is antique bronze, not plastic.

    Thnaks to all for the input.

  6. hellhead says:


    Very cool lamp.

  7. Tenn says:

    The clock is gorgeous.

  8. Art says:

    @#12.PEEQUE- Close your eyes. Quick!

    @#13. Thank you, Tenn.

  9. stratojoe says:

    Very good looking lamp, but major fails on the plastic cord. To work in a genre so strictly defined by materials and to stop short (after all the other work) is just bizarre.

  10. Stefan Jones says:

    I demand gears!

  11. JFlex says:


    Nay, nay! That cord is not encased in plastic; it’s a live, rusted wire pumping 660 volts. This lamp is so punk it’ll electrocute anyone silly enough to unplug it.

  12. error404 says:

    the central part of the lamp I know what it is but can’t quite remember.

    It’s driving me nuts.

  13. dwt13 says:

    It’s a Christmas tree stand, in cast iron.
    Normally those flipped-out prongs are beneath
    the threaded ring, which is what forces them into
    the trunk of the tree.

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