Ghost Goblets -- hollow goblet liners inside tumblers

These "Ghost Goblets" ($75 for 4 at Cocktail Vibe) achieve a nice effect with a double-chambered tumbler in which the inner chamber is shaped like a traditional goblet. You could really go to town with this idea, making the inner chamber resemble pretty much anything -- I'm thinking of a giraffe... Link (via OhGizmo)


  1. For some reason, the color of that beverage in that photo reminds me of the “tub girl” photo. That kind of killed it for me.

  2. First thought – “I bet the design student who cooked up this hard to clean pain in the ass never hand washed a dish in his/her life.”

  3. Eek. 3rd (or more) the “hard to clean” comment. I’m not sure they’d even clean well in a dishwasher, depending on what you drank in them, and if you rinsed them out while the residue was still wet, or forgot them until it dried.

    I’m thinking dried red wine or milk at the bottom would be next to impossible to shift.

  4. There’s really no reason the stem has to be hollow, if they made it solid and colored it the cleaning would be a snap –

  5. All the hard-to-clean comments remind me of learning from a glass blower that historically, glass makers in Venice would design the finest crystal goblets in such a way that when you hold them up to your mouth you inevitably spill the contents all over yourself. Kind of like an unspoken “f**k you” to the aristocracy. Maybe the designer was thinking along the same lines. Probably not though.

  6. As bad or worse than cleaning this glass appears to be that one couldn’t even effectively drink all of what might be in it without turning the glass up almost vertically.


  7. Agree about the cleaning and the drinking being a problem. They’d make nice flower vases, though, since they do look cool. I think Uncommon Goods has them too.

  8. Here’s an idea for stylish women who don’t want to get wet or muddy feet – transparent wellingtons with colourful stilettos inside them!

  9. No probs cleaning them, just drop in a denture tablet (or baking soda and vinegar) and some warm water…shiny!

  10. I’ll try that trick with the baking soda and vinegar next time I use them, thanks Sonipitts!

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