Slot toasters tested by Project Farm

Project Farm heads into the kitchen for a snack: a toaster roundup covering everything from a $20 Amazon Basics model to a $220 Smeg and a $330 touchscreen thing. It's interesting to see so many quantitive tests—electrical draw, bread weight loss percentages, toastage speed—applied to such a mundane appliance. Every gadget should have its crumb catching coefficiency range charted.

Sadly, an old Sunbeam in nonlethal condition was not included in the roundup. Most of those tested here are obviously mediocre, and even the better ones are not great. I expected the Smeg to be no better than the others but it and the wildly expensive touschreeen toaster were the best, in as far as they could toast both sides of a slice the same color.

All in all, I feel this roundup condemns slot toasters. A Panasonic FlashXPress toaster oven at $135 is better at toasting bread than any of them, and if that's just too big or reasonably-priced for you, there's "The Toaster" from Balmuda. The legendary Mitsubishi TO-ST1 is marvelous if you want to toast a single slice of soft white bread of specific dimensions.