A struggling restaurant was saved by the power of cats

The story of the Diorama restaurant in Osaka is the heartwarming story I absolutely needed today. Like many restaurants, they struggled during COVID. They were on the verge of closing when the owner took in a tiny, seemingly abandoned kitten. The kitten's mother and siblings soon showed up, too, and the owner took them in despite not being in a financial position to do so. The restaurant has a huge model train set, and the photos and videos of the cats attacking the train like adorable kaiju were a hit, of course. The railway cats brought in a ton of new business. The restaurant was able to stay open and added a second-floor cat hotel and shelter.


Cats took over these train tracks and saved an entire small business in the process. 🚂 🐈 The owners of Diorama Restaurant in Osaka, Japan thought they were helping the cats, but the cats ended up making the difference in their restaurant's success. See more of the railway cats: @ジオラマ食堂 🐈 📸 Diorama restaurant (FB) #catsoftiktok #modeltrains #stationcat #cat #goodnews #positivecontent

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Here are some of the kitty kaiju in action.

I would absolutely take that train.

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