Mutant French Mickey Mouse


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  1. Isaac Cates says:

    Not only does Le Mickée have the extra digits, but he seems to have fuzzy ears. Très particulier!

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    This was drawn before Mickey joined the Yakuza…

  3. ken33 says:

    Ah, Disney is of French descent (and the family came to the US via Canada, of all things!) Disney is from the French “d’Isigny” (d’Isigny-land???) Perhaps this mouse is a distant relative who was left behind (for obvious reasons)?

  4. prom77 says:

    An excellent opportunity to observe natural selection at work! Which variety of Mickey (four- or five-fingered) will survive to reproduce in greater numbers? I eagerly await the results…

    Except of course that Mickeys live for at least 80 years before becoming sexually mature (thanks, in part, to the Sonny Bono gene carried by the primary Mickey bloodline).

  5. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Perhaps this is really Mickey Mouse’s francophone cousin, Michel Mouse?

  6. Vanwall says:

    “Mickey Rodent” must’ve been his cousin – the opening page had a comment on those furshlugginer three-fingered gloves the Stateside Disneyacs hadda wear.

  7. assumetehposition says:

    I like how Mickey is the direct object of the sentence. Loosely translated (high school French was a long time ago) — The Little Parisian presents the illustrated adventures of (illustration of Mickey) for the enjoyment of children… and old people.

  8. Gainclone says:

    Chernobyl Mickey!

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