Spray-can graffiti controller for Wii

For part of his final thesis at Bauhaus-University in Weimar, German, Martin Lihs built the Wiispray, a reconstructed Wiimote controller hacked into a spray-paint can -- graffiti-games ahoy!
Although still early in the development process, it suggests another type of game platform and a fresh twist on the tired “art” app. The success of custom controllers for specific titles suggests that gamers are interested in a more realistic interaction than permitted by a standard joypad. Lihs plans to integrate a communal wall for collaborative graffiti in the eventual software title, that would allow ‘players’ to work on the same art project.
Link (via Engadget!)


  1. Combine this controller with the balance board, and you’ve got the formula for another Jet Grind Radio game.

    I would have to buy Wii if that happened.

  2. Do you have to shake up the ‘can’?

    Like real spray paint, they should make it so that you have periodically shake it up to control the pressure and / or consistency of the paint spray…

    And make it so that you can hear the balls rattling around in the can. Maybe alter the pitch to warn you that you are running out of paint…

  3. Like Redmage13, I’ve been excited about the possibility of a Jet Grind Radio game for the Wii. I only played the original for the first time at the end of last year and fell in love despite some wonky design decisions- the game just oozes style. Combine that with the Wii’s ability to take SD cards and making custom graffiti tags has never been easier.

  4. Jet Grind on the dreamcast was one of the most amazing game experiences ever. It’s up there with Super Mario Bros.

    If someone made a game in that vein with this project… well, wow.

  5. I could have used one of these for Okami. I’m still getting frustrated drawing with the celestial brush. Spray can would have been much better.

    I wonder if there’s a way to stencil?

  6. A friend of mine from University Of Laval, Quebec was part of a team which built similar device in her last year there, back in Dec’06.
    The prototype was a little bigger, but working, still.

  7. @everyone:
    So glad to hear that so many of us think alike and would love to see this as a JetGrind controller. Would have to, have to, have to buy a Wii if a port or re-write of that game to the Wii ever happened.

  8. I already completed a working version of this for a final project in a virtual relaity class at Clarkson University. Using an acutal spray can, and sps switch, and an infared led in conjunction with Johnny Chung Lee’s whiteboard application me and a prtner created “Virtual Graffiti”. Our goal was not to sell the product but to have an interactive art display where users could “tag” a wall and create their own graffiti with no effect upon society in the form of actual graffiti. We presented a working model at the “First Annual Clarkson University Digital Arts & Sciences Exhibit” in late May. Out model utilized a projector to allow people the chances to becomes rebelious with consquence. Though we were limited by the capabilites of the wiimote as an infared camera we had already planned to work with a few computer science students to create a working self written program to display. I like that others have though of this too but the idea of this as a “game” and someone makingmoney off of it kind of disturbs me to a degreee as our intention was to create a similar display for as an art exhibit. I’m not sure wether to be happy or saddened by this post. I guess I’ll see where it goes but I can only hope that an advancement of technology and art is to come from this instead of another person with he same idea as I using it as a means to become rich instead of industry and art elightenment. -Bradley Curtis

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  10. Bradley Curtis, we don`t know when jonny lee was comming up with his whiteboard idea and it’s sweet to read that you had allmost the same idea like we had, but just by the way , we started our WiiSpray project in april 2007. The first presentation of the full working system was on july 13th 2007 at the “Information places” exhibition at the Neufert Box Weimar.


    And now one year later we start working on the next version with more features.

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