William Gibson interviewed on IO9

IO9's got a great interview up with William Gibson -- not the same questions everyone else asks him, either. I like what he has to say about dystopias:
I don't think a writer can hit the dystopic key without being misanthropic. I'm actually not misanthropic. I think people are capable of wonderful things. I'm quite fond of them and enjoy their company. I can't do Jonathan Swift. I don't have it in me to do that. I also don't have it in me to say to reader, “This is all real.” I'm enough of a postmodernist that I go in and out of believing in my own narrative. The happy endings, such as they, are are actually a function of that. They're the "that's all folks” at the end, waving the big three-fingered glove. I want to remind people that they're reading a novel about an imaginary future. If I had my way, I'd even be reminding people about the whole culture of reminding people.


  1. says William, as he sits up late alone at night, methodically stropping and honing, the edge growing ever fainter….

  2. I’m something of a Gibson noob (still reading the Sprawl trilogy), but it’s been surprising to me how his often bleak plotlines ultimately turn out quite nicely for everyone involved. Especially the end of [spoiler alert] Count Zero.

  3. Interestingly enough, while at the reading of Spook Country tonight in Dayton, OH I asked Mr Gibson what feeds he followed / what sites he kept up with.

    He specifically mentioned Boing Boing

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