Best of 2600 Magazine anthology


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  1. Bonnie says:

    Wow….phreakin’ memories! I stumbled upon 2600 magazine when I was taken to one of the meetings on a first date in college. The guy didn’t last, but my love for the magazine sure did.

  2. Cowicide says:

    It should come with a free cap’n crunch whistle replica.

  3. Jardine says:

    Cory: do you have the issue number that the article you wrote appeared in? I have the complete set of back issues to check.

  4. eustace says:

    I’ve still got my whistle! It’ll never be collectible I fear; not like a complete set of 2600.

  5. Brian Damage says:

    I’m a one-time contributor to 2600 myself! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

    My wife looks phenomenally sexy in the blue box blueprint t-shirt they sent me as payment (plus I got a free one-year subscription).

  6. Fnarf says:

    “Contributor, 2600 Magazine” is almost as cool a resume item as “Supervisor: Vinton Cerf” would be.

  7. shannonpatrick17 says:

    The book looks really cool, a great way to reminisce. It’s kinda eye opening to see that some things have changed quite drastically e.g. technology, computers,and the internet. Yet some things have not changed at all and reek of the same stanky funk they have always had e.g. freedom of speech, copyright issues, government/corporate malevolence.

    I have some hard to find back issues of 2600 from the late 90′s early 2k era, if there is any interest I could be convinced to put them up on ebay so they could find a happy new home…

  8. Enochrewt says:

    This will be a must-purchase for me.

  9. Doran says:

    I once wore my 2600 Blue Box T-shirt to the first day of COMDEX. Not a single vendor would talk to me. Instead I got interviewed myself by some Canadian news crew who wanted to know about the shirt.

  10. Sam says:

    I’d also like to know where Cory’s article is or at least what it was about.

  11. insect_hooves says:

    Wowee, that’s awesome. Getting those unmarked manila envelopes in the mail (no, not those) was like a wee monthly xmas.

  12. morcheeba says:

    Glad it’s a big book – there’s lots of good stuff in 2600 & I wouldn’t know what to cut! Hopefully they’ll have one of my favorite articles describing computer virii that mutate themselves to avoid detection… and the escalating countermeasures this creates.

    p.s. I got an article in there, too! Here’s hoping… :-)

  13. urinetrouble says:

    Sup, aestetix?

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