Radar from Outside.in: online tool tells you what's going on around you in the real world


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  1. Zebra05 says:

    Asks you what country during sign up then only provides US cities. Waste of time.

  2. nobody says:

    Now-defunct chat program Meetro utilized this concept for social networking beginning several years ago.

  3. Avram says:

    Narual, you must live in a dull neighborhood. I got a bunch of hits for my area in Brooklyn (and also a couple of false hits for Fordham University).

  4. John Geraci says:

    Thanks for the link Cory, and thanks everyone for the heads-up on the registration page.

    Radar will definitely be a bit thin is some areas at this early stage – we’re totally aware of that, but decided to launch everywhere in the U.S. anyway, even in those thin areas. We figured that the thin experience would still be more interesting to people than seeing a splash page telling them Radar was coming soon to their area.

    And there will be more content in your Radar soon. This week we are starting a campaign to find more and more types of location-based content and get it into our system. So if Radar is thin in your area at the moment, expect to see a lot more stories coming in over the next several months.

    And in my neighborhood meanwhile, (Boerum Hill, Brooklyn) there are several stories within 1000 feet of my apartment just from the past day or two, all of which are pretty interesting to me. In many cities around the U.S., that’s the experience of Radar on day one. If that isn’t the case in your town, it should be soon.

    John Geraci
    co-founder, outside.in

  5. Lilorfnannie says:

    The sign-up on that site seems to be broken. :-(

  6. forgeweld says:

    The real world is greatly overrated.

  7. Narual says:

    Pretty useless. The only ‘news’ it found for my area was a bunch of linux user group meetings and an article from november 2007 about some politicos deciding not to protest students using their college address to register as voters.

  8. B2B says:

    LBS are here to stay. In a few years GPS capabilities will be practically standard on every cell phone.

    Loopt is a social network that uses location to help you connect with your friends (facebook on wheels maybe)

    Another use of LBS is using the wisdom of wireless crowds. Having sensors on phones and tracking UV light, pollution, traffic, etc.

  9. kimhazeldene says:

    Sign-up is working again now.

  10. jgodsey says:

    alas, usefulness depends on where you live.
    in my neck of the woods Radar provided me with an obituary from 2 years ago.

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