Grimly hilarious cartoon about telecom immunity and warrantless wiretapping with Snuggly the Safety Bear

Hugh from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez, "SF Gate cartoonist Mark Fiore has an awesome new cartoon on the telecom immunity debate. Snuggly, the Security Bear is back, and he has a few words to say about 'compromise.'" Link (Thanks, Hugh!)


  1. The government is so obsessively paranoid about us all – but most people seem to think this should make us feel snuggly and secure. What is the government hiding that makes them fear us though? They wouldn’t have to monitor us all unless they were afraid we might find out what sneaky things they are up to, and try to stop them.

  2. That cartoon’s not exactly “new”, what with it being two years-old and all (posted May 16, 2006). I would have thought the reference to how Hayden “might just become head of the CIA” would have been a clue.

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