Knit Wonder Woman costume

Craftster user Chris Wass knit an entire Wonder Woman costume (complete with bracelets!) for ComiCon. Alas, I won't be there to see it in person this year, but I'm already subbed to the Flickr tag and can't wait to do some virtual cosplayer watching. Link (via Craft)


  1. Oh, that is superb! I don’t have the nerve to cosplay myself, but boy do I ever appreciate these folks.

  2. Did anyone see the rest of the images? She’s big enough for the rest of us to share :)

  3. Yay! My first disemvowelling. If it is offensive to point out that she’s fat, unlike the original Wonderwoman, then so be it. I’m fat too BTW.

    1. Re the dv’ing: the subjects of the posts often read the comments, and we would prefer that people view being posted on BB as an treat rather than being used as target practice. I can only read words, not intention. And I fully support body type diversity.

  4. Not here you aren’t. Here you’re either wonderful or you are hard to read.

    Please accept that your vowels, for being so unwonderful, have been taken aboard the invisible jet to Justice League HQ for re-education – by Wonder Woman.

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