Satirical WWI maps


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  1. Master of Space and Time says:

    In the same style “la bête est morte”
    underground comic went out during the war in two parts


  2. Mindbleach says:

    See also the Tory Atlas of the World, from Spitting Image:

  3. zeroy says:

    A very similar cartoon map of Europe was reproduced on the cover of Colin McEvedy’s “The Penguin Atlas of Recent History”. Unfortunately, it was omitted from the cover of the second edition published in 2002.

    I am a big fan of McEvedy’s series of historical atlases. I was saddened to learn of his death years after the fact after looking him up on Wikipedia.


    Bibliodessy rules. I read every post Peacay puts up.

    Just sayin’


    Even better when it’s spelled right as BibliOdyssey

  6. mdhatter says:

    Sweden and Norway look so cute.

  7. Haesae says:

    War can be so cute!

  8. mdhatter says:

    What, no Italian Greyhounds?

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