Animatronic waterboarding exhibit at Coney Island


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  1. Jupiter12 says:

    I think the whole “U.S. torture as art” shtick is growing tiresome.

  2. markfrei says:

    @ #5 “U.S. torture as art”

    Still, it’s better than “U.S. art as torture…”

  3. skramble says:

    Steve Powers. aka ESPO

    aka the Exterior Surface Protection Organization.

    and now this. One of the sharpest minds in humor and aesthetics.

  4. markfrei says:

    gees, everyone’s doing waterboarding these days. it’s time to up the ante…

  5. The Lizardman says:

    @8 I don’t think many of the people even notice the money slot at all. I meant it was lost on them in the sense that they look inside and don’t think about torture, they just wonder absently what they are supposed to be seeing and move on confused more than anything – at least that is what I observed. I agree that it is great that it is there.

  6. The Lizardman says:

    I just spent a weekend as a guest performer at Coney Island (this is set up right next to the bally stage for Sideshows by the Seashore). A fair amount of people step up to look in but I never saw anyone put in a dollar – most just go look in the window and then say “huh?”, moving on shortly thereafter.

    I think its brilliant but I also think it is lost upon most of the people encountering it who mistake it for a broken or random sideshow exhibit.

  7. LightningCrash says:

    this would be cooler if it were steampunk.

  8. Kit10inDublin says:

    It doesn’t mater if it’s ‘lost’ on people making the effort to see it ‘properly’, ie putting money in to see it working. I love the fact that it’s allowed to be there.

    The BBC had it’s own way of reporting this – – headline – SpongeBob in NY torture sideshow

  9. Takuan says:

    and so the raising of awareness passes into desensitization

  10. fredini says:

    The front for this single-o is pretty genius. I have photos of it on Flickr:

    Seeing this, you really get the idea of the attraction’s crazy pop art shock appeal. IMHO, this is much more than a simple sideshow attraction of a torture display. Its art based on that tradition that transcends.
    Great Stuff

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