Nollywood (Nigerian movie biz) captured in Pieter Hugo's photos

Photographer Pieter Hugo, whose work I've blogged about before, has a spectacular new series of images out about Nigeria's homegrown movie stars.

Pieter Hugo, Nollywood - 2008 (Michael Stevenson Gallery).

Emeka Okafor has a blog post up with more background on the images and the industry: Lagos to Ogere-Remo and beyond


  1. Thanks for the photos; now I want to see some Nollywood movies. Any recommendations on what to watch, where to get it, etc?

  2. “Dangerous Blind Man 2” is available for streaming at With cheap promo images (dvd/vcd covers?) and titles like “Sister’s Love,” “Solid Affection,” and “Caught in the Act,” only the lack of nudity hints that it isn’t porn.

    And I’m sad to say that the listed sci-fi category is currently empty.

  3. @#4nprnncbl, one of my most vivid memories of traveling in Africa was walking down rows of street vendors in Accra, Ghana, asking the DVD guys if they had “Dangerous Blind Man” in stock.

    An american expat in Accra had tipped me off to this film as a good place to start, for Nollywood (and broader West African contemporary popular film) literacy, and I had to hit up a bunch of vendors before I finally found it!

    Interesting to me was the fact that US blockbusters were *not* the hottest sellers in that market… the street vendors made most of their dough selling Nollywood and Ghanaian fare.


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