Bibliography of Europe's largest, private collection of Science Fiction novels.


Ralf says:

Heinz-Jürgen Ehrig, a German Science Fiction fan, has collected about 130.000 Science Fiction books, magazines, fanzines, etc. Since his death in 2003, his widow, the SciFi author Marianne Sydow has spend gazillions of hours cataloguing his collection and is now publishing the bibliographical data on a monthly basis in a paperback + CD outfit for a small fee. Unfortunately she finds it hard to get any subscribers, which is a shame really. It would be a shame if this project dies. More here - I think I'm the only one who brought this more or less to the attention of the "outside Germany" world.
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  1. Maybe I don’t get it, or I’m not bibliophil enough, but ~ $30 per month for a collection of cover scans of old SF is not really what I would call an interesting deal.

  2. @Tillwe

    it’s not like you’re just getting a cd-rom with some scans on a monthly basis and then have to pay 30€/each.

    You’re getting the hugest bibliography of European phantastic literature there is. It’s an index of a whole library dedicated to SF and fantasy only. This library is a life time achievement of one guy who put all his heart into collecting this stuff on a more or less complete basis. So you’re getting a book with all this valuable data – and a cd-rom with cover scans as eye candy.

  3. Gorgeous collection! On there’s been a really interesting discussion about the aesthetic differences between American SF book covers and U.K. and European SF book covers. This will really add to that conversation. Turns out Brits like landscapes.

  4. Nathanrudy: No, there’s a comma missing after “Collection”. :-)

    Mark lifted the text straight from an e-mail I sent him and English is my second language. In case you also want to proof-read any of my German texts, I’d be more than happy to forward them to you.

    Thomas1978: thanks for making this clear; you did a better job than I did! Fab + Thanks!

    In fact I wish BoingBoing had linked straight to the Villa Galactica website rather than my to weblog; it must be a bit tedious clicking through all those links. Here’s the link straight to Galactica:

    Hope this helps a bit.

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