Cartoon depicts what went on in the NSA's wiretapping room at AT&T

Electronic Frontier Foundation designer Hugh D'Andrade sez, "I did a 'live-painting' last Friday at a gallery -- a mural-sized cartoon depicting the goings-on inside the "secret room" at AT&T's Folsom Street facility. My EFF co-workers created a time-lapse video with an awesome ska soundtrack!" The Secret Room: EFF Designer's Cartoon on Illegal Spying (Thanks, Hugh!)


  1. cool cartoon, and good soundtrack, though I was mostly thinking through the entire video. “Come on, I want to see the cartoon.”, not that the process wasn’t cool. I’m kind of impatient like that though.

  2. Dang Hugh, I had no idea you were so talented. Very cool. When do you want to come do that to my classroom?

  3. Now ATT will be happy to come to your house to help you install your internet services. I wonder what else they will “install.”

  4. I work across the street from the AT&T facility at Folsom & Second Street. The facility looks like the entry to a high-security federal government building and not a communications complex at all. Cameras surround the building and the entrance looks like something you would expect when entering a maximum security prison or the Federal reserve.

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

    — Gerald Ford, Presidential address to a joint session of Congress (12 August 1974)

  5. How amazing! I like the way he drew up the baby: right hand first, then right foot, left foot, left hand with bottle, after all these, the head and shoulder. A chubby little baby with a big burpp.

  6. Loved the performance. LDAVIS650 – That facility better be secure. Imagine the havoc the bad guys could create if they broke in to that tap undetected. This is a movie plot component. I know the bad guys are already there, but what if the other bad guys broke in?

    PS – great quote, thanks.

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