Alfred E Misfit tee

Spotted in the East Village, this totally awesome Alfred E Newman/Misfits mashup tee! Alfred E Misfit tee, NYC, NY


  1. Yeah, I had a momentary brainfart there — it was only up for about 30 secs with the “Stranglers” label before I had my moment of satori and corrected it.

  2. After some digging, I found that the shirt is officially called the “Madfits” tee and was made by New York clothing company aNYthing. Sadly, it came out back in ’06 and has been out of print for awhile.

  3. i’ll just put it out there and let it be known. i will pay handsomely for one of these shirts.


  4. Man, that’s such a cool shirt, I might want one if I didn’t think the misfits were so terrible. Love mad magazine though…

  5. my sister friggin bought me one of these shirts for my birthday. it’s probably the greatest shirt in my collection

  6. (necessarily) Late in the day, but beware if you order one of these online from Love is Lame. Ordered mine over a month ago and have yet to see any sign or receive any answer to email. Hopefully still get a good result though.

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