Teddy Bear USB drive is a headless horror

The Teddy Bear USB drive does a really nice job of switching from sickly sweet to just sickening -- just rip its head off and plug its neck into your computer and it looks like you've crushed a little anthropomorphic bear's noggin and forced it into a tiny, little USB port. Teddy Bear USB Drive (via Oh Gizmo)


  1. Is this the deluxe version version where the limbs spasm and twitch when transferring data, and go limp when the drive is unmounted?

  2. Taken to its logical conclusion, there should be a usb drive with the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East.

  3. Love the idea, but a tad overpriced for 1 GB. (OK, we’re paying for the “cool gory” factor, but still.)
    I’d pick up a small plush toy, decapitate it, and make a similar set-up, it shouldn’t be too hard to do this at home.

  4. #6 Pendrift – keep the stuffing stuck out around the edges for that authentic destructive-three-year-old look!

  5. + I always wanted a hacked Furby that does the spinning head scene out of the exorcist. any takers?

  6. It’s our decade’s version of the car accessory that makes it look like you crushed Garfield in the trunk.

  7. That’s the coolest USB device I’ve seen all year. Absolutely brilliant. I might try a DIY version.

  8. @2
    I can’t even begin to say how awesome that would be. With a little creative engineering, it could probably be built relatively cheaply, too.

  9. @16
    Hm! You might be onto something there! Someone else has already made one that would only hump during data transfers. All that would be required is some minor work to incorporate the dog’s internals into a teddy toy. Same principle, anyway.

    I don’t have the free time to do it right now, but I’ll have to make a note of it for later. That might be a really fun project.

  10. Now see, I have always hated the little USB drive mods. Now this, however, I like!

    And yes, make it squirm and shriek too, please!

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