Marjorie Taylor Greene is booed loudly by Congress, then tries — but fails — to oust Mike Johnson (video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene saw just how popular she is in Congress when she formally made a motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson today — and was met by a roomful of loud boos.

"This is the uniparty for the American people watching!" the Georgia chaos-maker shouted, pointing her fingers at her colleagues as they continued to jeer her. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

Marge, furious with Johnson for working with Democrats to pass a spending package (and enraged by Johnson even months before it passed, just because), ended up losing her crusade to oust the Speaker by a landslide: 359 members voted against her efforts and only 43 supported her.

From The New York Times:

"I'm actually going to let my colleagues go home and hear from their constituents," Ms. Greene said following the vote, predicting that Republicans would join her bid to get rid of Mr. Johnson after getting an earful from voters irate about the foreign aid bill. Instead, many of them heard just the opposite and returned to Washington voicing skepticism about removing Mr. Johnson.

Her move on Wednesday paved the way for only the second vote on the House floor in more than 100 years on whether to oust the speaker. When Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida instigated Mr. McCarthy's removal in October, such a spectacle had not been seen in the chamber since 1910.