New issue of Flurb!

Yee-haw! It's Christmas around here because Rudy Rucker's just released a new ish of his peripatetically published by inevitably brilliant science fiction ezine, Flurb!
Rudy Rucker: Qlone

Madeline Ashby: Fitting a New Suit

Michael Blumlein: The Big One

Brian Garrison: 3 SF Poems

Charles Platt: The Gnirut Test

Brendan Byrne: The Loa and the Gaping Jaw

Jetse de Vries: Random Acts of Cosmic Whimsy

Bruce Sterling: Computer Entertainment Thirty-Five Years From Today

Flurb! (via Rudy's Blog)


  1. “Bruce Sterling is a well-known futurist, science-fiction writer, and blogger.

    He presented this piece as a keynote address at the Game Developers Conference in Austin, Texas, on September 16, 20008.”

    20008! Futurist! Hah. He’s FROM the future.

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