Picklefest 2008 at Machine Project, Los Angeles, Saturday September 20, 2008


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  1. Wingo says:

    I am so going to be there.

  2. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    I make sauerkraut. I use nothing but cabbage and salt. Nature does the rest. Using vinegar to pickle foods doesn’t produce bacteria that are good for you. Lacto fermentation is where it’s at!

    See: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/4347443.stm

  3. screamingpickle says:

    I approve of this on behalf of all pickle lovers.

  4. m0jumb0 says:

    I’m disappointed no one has posted this yet


  5. kirakira says:

    Yumms. Green mango, cauiliflower and red chiles are a good combo for pickling as well.

  6. dccarles says:

    I’m gonna bring in a pickle, stick a fork in either end, hook the thing up to a 240V DC current, and talk about God.


  7. JK says:

    To any one interested in doing their own pickling I would highly recommend the book: Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz. I bought this book for my wife last December, since then we have made our own sauerkraut, pickled beets, greenbeens, okra, jalapenos with carrots and onions, garlic, and of course, cucumbers. All raw and all fermented. We were amazed at how easy it is to pickle and how much tastier it is than anything you can buy in a store. If your not ready to invest in a book. Check out the author’s website where he has recipes for sauerkraut and cucumbers. I would recommend starting with the sauerkraut. Happy pickling!


  8. vespabelle says:

    We were recently introduced to the wonders of real sauerkraut! so delicious!

  9. Anonymous says:

    hearing about this makes me wish I lived on the west coast instead of the east coast

  10. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    wolfiesma @13: I just ate dinner, but you made me hungry all over again with that description\.

  11. weebeast says:

    There is a company in the East (NY State) called Hawthorne Valley Farm that make some of THE BEST Sauerkraut I’ve ever had. Raw baby raw!

  12. eclectro says:

    Every time I see a pickle I think of Lucky Charms.

  13. wolfiesma says:

    A woman at our local herb room was telling me about the pro-biotic benefits of raw sauerkraut. I need to make my own…. but I did get some from the store that was really good. I put it on olive oil drizzled german farm bread with (brewer’s) yeast and some Bragg’s liquid amino. Food that good almost makes me want to be a vegetarian.

  14. A New Challenger says:

    Mmm, pickles.

    What’s the difference in taste compared to your usual store-bought vinegar pickle? I would just come and find out but that Metrolink wreck has given me the willies.

    Also, I think I need to alert Roger from I-Mockery about this.

  15. Anonymous says:

    mmm pickles! my gramma’s pickled corn was a treat at family reunions. there was never enough to go around. she’s gone but the corn lives on — there’s a big ol’ jar in my fridge and a crock in the basement working on the next batch!

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